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This is in Huntsville's Back Yard​


We know that Butler Basin is unique, one of a kind. How unique?  The first phase of Butler Basin, Great Bend, represents the "ONLY" Tennessee River lots now available in Huntsville, Al.  Huntsville has found a treasure in its own back yard. We call it a golden triangle of opportunity...A trifecta including Butler Basin, Taylorsville, and Hobbs Island. The triangle represents the first available lands for development past Ditto Landing that are not in public ownership. 

Thus to what we do. Taylorsville Realty either owns or has listed all the land represented by the triangle. So when we say, "We develope Huntsville's Tennessee River Front," we have reason to back that up.

Great Bend at Butler Basin was the first opportunity to live, work and enjoy the water, river and lake without leaving the Huntsville city limits. Why go to the expense and upkeep to have two homes...one in Huntsville and one on the water somewhere else when you can have one home at Butler Basin do both. Great Bend initiated Huntsville's movement to develop our river front as most other cities have done and Phase Two, Riverpier at Butler Basin, is coming soon. Butler Basin sits on the naturally occurring high ground where Green Mountain comes down to touch the Tennessee River.  Try this Google Satellite Aerial for a great view of Butler Basin Marina.

Butler Basin is only a mile and a half from Ditto Landing and 5 miles to gate 3 at Redstone Arsenal.  There are 600 homes plus planned for Butler Basin. Great Bend was the first phase. Riverpier will continue the proposed Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) connected by walking and golf cart paths built around a river town to be named Taylorsville, after the town that existed here in the 1800's.
(Click to see Taylorsville's Master Plan)

Taylorsville Realty represents Butler Basin, The Town of Taylorsville and Hobbs Island. Besides serving your real estate needs, Taylorsville Realty offers architectural services through an architect on the development team and we are a licensed residential home builder.  You are able, if you choose, to use your own architect and builder, but we do understand design and development on this Tennessee Waterway and promise to make your home or commercial building experience a pleasant one.  Give us a call and keep in mind....initial planning during lot/land selection is free.